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Time Management Tips

Time Management Tips to Try

Some time management tips can serve as a real saving grace during the reign of hectic schedules.

In the era when the Internet is full of inspirational phrases such as "we have the same amount of hours in a day," we have to wonder – how can we find the extra hour?

Let's be realistic – not all of us can be as perfect. We must learn, however, to maximize our time at work and emerge victoriously from the office.

Yet there's so much to choose from when it comes to time management techniques. So, how do we know the best ones? By testing different tips and techniques to see what is effective and what is not. So let's put on and continue this journey with our successful hats!

#1: Use Smart Planning Application or Calendar :
With some of these apps, organize and manage your day like a boss or turn to classics – a app that will never fail or late you. So you can get a quick and easy snapshot into what you're working on and see what's going to happen in what task or activity

#2: Select Acts that Count :
Before you start a new job or task or activity, phone call, speak to your colleague, ask yourself, is this really important? Do not become associates for things that are meaningless. You may not realize it, but they're stealing from your day a lot of time.

#3: Organize your Email :
Sort your correspondences, so you can be at the top of your game.For example, create folders like “Important” for emails that require immediate attention and “Everything else” for the ones that can wait. And, of course, separate your work email account from your private one.

:4: Set achievable goals :
This will give you a path to concentrate your energies on. Yet remember to be practical – sink your teeth into something you can achieve and stick to on a regular basis.

#5: Keep a Diary or a Journal :
Write down your spending time for a week in a dairy or in your phone's notes. Specify what you are doing (e.g. answering emails, chatting or speaking with friends, etc.) and how long it takes. Then think about it – will your acts be productive? If you don't want to manually write down each small action or activity you are doing on machine, use WorkDesk to record how you spend your time automatically.

Time Management Tips

#6: Do all the heavy lifting in the morning time :
Do not repel larger or more challenging activities or tasks. Eat that frog in the morning bracket and you're going to feel a lot better. But if you don't really want the ball to roll in the early hours, take on little by little to get your creative juices flowing.

#7: Cut your Bad Habits to Pieces :
Say goodbye to aimless scrolling through the Internet, and stop refreshing your social media feed all the time. forget procrastinating, say goodbye to aimless scrolling through the Internet, and stop refreshing your social media feed all the time. Instead, choose positive energy, short but meaningful breaks, and be self-aware.

#8: Keep Track of Your Progress :
This is an important step towards self-motivation. You'll understand that there's no better feeling than to cross a task from your to-do list. So, with your achievements you have to lift your own spirits.

#9: Have a Tidy Workspace :
A tidy and nice environment filled with natural light and plants can increase your productivity by 15% and decrease stress levels. Also, make sure your computer is organized. Why? So you're not going to spend an unnecessary amount of time looking for some files that are unexpectedly needed for your project.

#10: Create a Routine :
It can help to improve your time management skills by having a daily routine. Example:Start your day at a specific time, have breakfast and shower. Over time, it will create a behavior pattern and help you achieve goals in a more orderly and effortless way.

#11: Know when to Uutsource :
You don't have to be the only one doing all that heavy lifting. Consider things you're not a big fan of e.g. accounting or recruit someone you'd like to do for you.

#12: Don’t Skip Meals :
Skipping meals can have an impact on your work performance. Slow decision-making when you need to manage-it - all can be a real enemy, so you can eat healthy and regular meals to keep your brain and body in shape.

#13: Have Enough Sleep :
You can't do more at your sleep's expense. This is a reality, Sleep can affect your work productivity, so every day you should strive to have the right amount of it to have the power from your to-do list to cross tasks.

#14: Overcome Temptations :
Use tools to help you not lose focus to get a dose of discipline. For example, blocking a website would limit your time on the Internet's unproductive parts and put your focus where it should be. Use website and application like WorkDesk Focus for your Mac and instead of seeing the Facebook timeline, get your inspirational quote of the day.

#15: Have short but Productive Walks :
A study from the University of Colorado found that employees, who after an hour of work took short and brisk walks for five minutes, were more productive than the ones who had early morning walks. As you don’t want to lose time to procrastination, take a walk and then – continue the hustle.

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