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Planning event

How to plan an event or task for your business without losing

It's not for the best to organize an event for your business. Finding the right place, sticking to a strict budget, monitoring attendance, and ensuring that all runs smoothly on the big day requires organizational skills.

You need a solution that allows you to drill down into all the details of nitty-gritty, but also helps you focus on the big picture. With smart and right application, you can plan and important things.

Our eTaskManager software for every business, Owners, teams and workers to plan, track their daily activties successfuly with workflow feature as well.

Project Management Smartly with different Board!

Project Managment with TaskManager

  • Share a clear project roadmap

    The phases of your task plan can be clearly outlined for everyone to see or specially to your supervisor. To make it clear precisely what will happen when, insert a due date, update. Chances are you repeat with each project more or less the same task, so these tasks are obvious and perhaps even self-explanatory for you. You gain insight into your project and finally understand why as long as it takes a certain phase.
    Once you share a clear plan of high-level tasks, your manager or sub-ordindate won't have to ask you what's next or call you to add another task every time you complete it. Best of all, you clearly set expectations from the beginning and reduce painful communication

  • Communicate your progress without having to call or email

    Once you complete a cetrain step or are ready for your manager's approval. System will notify all update of each task via email or mobile notification and can look at the board either on their computer or their phone to see your update. Perhaps significantly, we will see how it works into the project as a whole's larger context. You can see if they received your message, eliminating the speculation, "Did they read my message yet?”
    Each participant in exchange will update their assigned task statuses, write comments, ask any question, and let you know exactly about each task and gives sense of control

  • Centralize all files and communication in one place

    Each member can upload files straight from your computer on each task. Keeps all of your work and conversations in one place.
    This is the essence of transparency that we think that the best outcomes will always be achieved. You reduce energy in managing the relationship and are actually able to focus on doing the work. It’s a simple as building trust by communicating your progress and timeline clearly.

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